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Why me

Why does this happen to me

Our brains are capable of finding answers for any questions we ask. All the inventions and all the discoveries of this world are the brain's answer to our questions. Let us see if we can get an answer for "why does this happen to me", a question which almost everyone of us have asked ourselves at some point of life.

Our brains are like Google search engine

Most of the times, the search engine provides perfect answers to our questions right after we click on search and other times, we need to keep looking at different pages or try asking a different question to find the right answers. Sometime we don't get answers at all, all we will be provided is with it irrelevant answers.

Our brains are like Google search engine. Ask a question and your brain will try to answer with all its capabilities. Keep asking a different question till you get the right answer, just like how you do with a search engine. Just like google, it will sometimes give irrelevant answers - but the blame is on us.

Who is to be blamed

Because our brain is like Google search engine, its job is just to answer questions. It will not see if it is a right question or a wrong question. Its job is just to find answers to the question.

If you ask questions like "Why does this happen to me", you brain will try to answer by referring to all the bad experiences you might have had in life. But is that the answer you are looking for? 

Even worse, for the questions like "Why do people hurt me", "Why do people leave me", "Why no one loves me" brain will come up with crazy answers, but guess what, it will only leave you more hurt.

How do i get answers that help

Answer is simple, by asking right questions. We are trained to ask wrong questions, often times than not, these sort of 'why' questions will go on and endless loop and the answers will only lead us to a lonely path.

Start asking right questions, instead of asking "Why do people hurt me" ask the question "How do i make sure not to feel hurt when people say this or that". Instead of asking "Why does this happen to me" ask "How do i make sure this doesn't happen to me". 

Instead of asking, "Why am i becoming fat" ask questions like "How do i become thin and still enjoy the process"

Train your brain to ask right questions. It is easy to ask negative questions and get deadly answers. But in order to succeed in life and be happy, ask right questions, ask questions which will improve your situation. Never again ask a question to get answers to your bad situation, ask questions to improve the situation.

If an answer doesn't work, keep search your brain's search engine with different questions and you will get the right answer, which could change your life forever.

So, are you still looking for the answer? and what is your question now?


  • Brain is like google search engine, it will always have an answer, doesn't matter if it is right or wrong.
  • Asking lousy questions will lead to lousy answers from your brain.
  • Asking empowering questions will lead to empowering answers from your brain.
  • Train yourself to ask right questions. Never ask a lousy question again, turn it to an empowering question which will improve your situation.