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power of why

Key to achieve goals

Setting goals is just half the battle won, achieving the goal is the important part of the process. Most people set goals at least once a year in the name of New year resolution, but many fail to succeed. We demystify the reasons causing the failure in achieving the goals and things you can do to overcome it.

If you need support in setting goals, read this article.

Avoid the trap of familiarity

You might have set goals many times in your life and read many articles about goal setting. Do not let this demotivate you. Do not fall for the trap of familiarity. Even if you had done it thousand times, the next time you set your goals will be different. Mastering simple things again and again is the key to huge success. What do you thing sportsmen do? they practice their basics over and over again.

If you have decided to read further, continue with an open mind. A cup already full cannot be filled with more. 

Importance of your "Why's"

When you set goals, what you are actually doing is, creating your future in advance. Everyone can set goals, but in order to succeed, you will also have to write a plan to achieve those goals.

When setting your goals, you should be able to answer yourself, WHY you need to achieve this goal, you should know the purpose of the goal you are setting. Purpose is important than outcome. Without knowing why you are doing it, you wont be able to achieve your goals. Reasons come first, answer comes later. Every success has an answer for "WHY".

So, sit back, relax and write down why you want to achieve this goal, don't just write, feel it, live the moment and feel how it would be when you achieve your goal.

When you set goals with a strong "WHY", you are acknowledging that you do not want to be in your current situation. This will create a sense of dissatisfaction which is the key to real power.

Getting your "Why's"

Once you are ready with your goal, ask yourself why do you need this. This is to create a pressure on yourself to achieve your goals, pressure is how diamonds are created.

While you think of "Why's" link it to all aspects of your life, why is it important for your health, wealth, personal life etc. Create strong enough "Why's". Another method is that you focus on the pain of not achieving your goals and in the pleasure of achieving your goals, don't just think, feel the emotional state of achieving your goals.

Re-evaluate and change your goals if you need to. But, review your important goals daily and less important/long term goals monthly/weekly. 

Action item

  • Pick 2 areas of life you are currently dissatisfied about.
  • Write goals to overcome those 2 areas of life.
  • Feel the pain of not achieving it and feel the pleasure of achieving it.
  • Create strong enough "Why's" behind your goals, remember, purpose is important than outcome.
  • Review, re-evaluate your goals monthly/weekly/daily depending on its importance to you.