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How to make extra money on the side

You have got internet, you have got the desire to earn money but don't know - How to make extra money on the side. We share with you 3 simple and tested ways to make extra money using the internet.

Before we share with you the 3 methods we tested personally, you must know this, do not expect to get rich in day or week or even months. Do not expect to get rich without having put the efforts required. Do not expect to reap before you have sown the seeds.

Top 3 easiest and legit ways to make money online:

  1. Offering feedback.
  2. Offering your skills as a service.
  3. Affiliate Marketing (We recommend this)

Because we will be covering each item in depth, covering all 3 in one article would make this unreadable and perhaps would be a waste of time. Hence, 3 separate articles. You are currently reading Part 1 of "How to make extra money on the side". Read Part 2 and Part 3  by following the links below.

1) Offering feedback.

Yes, we meant what we just said. Companies will pay you for your time and valuable feedback. You don't need to have any kind of technical knowledge in most of the cases. You will be providing your feedback as a normal end user.

  • 1st approach doesn't need any technical skills, has a guaranteed payout of $10 for successfully following instructions.
  • 2nd approach might require technical knowledge for a good pay. So, it has a pay ranging from $9 to above $300, obviously depending on the software complexity.


You start a new company. Now for you to reach people and people to reach you from around the globe, you create a website. People think in different ways, what looks good to us might not necessarily impress others. So, you decide to let few of the people use your website and ask for feedback. You work on the feedback and your website looks good.

Now, there is a limitation on how many people you might reach to get feedback and to organize the feedback is another tedious task.

So you go to a company called usertesting.com and ask them to send your website to your target audience. For instance, if you are selling games, your target users will be the users who spend certain time playing games everyday. This way, you don't get feedback from people who don't understand your product. So you get the valuable feedback and pay for them in return. Sounds good?

Back to our discussion

So yeah, in short it works, trust us. Big companies want to know the feedback on their website / software before going live. Guess what, you could be the one giving your feedback for the time you spend providing it and get paid for it.

1. Usertesting.com

As discussed earlier, this method doesn't require any technical knowledge and most of the time is just about testing website and sometime mobile applications. The testing process consist of the following.

Create a tester user account from https://www.usertesting.com/be-a-user-tester. You will be notified about available tests via email.

Step 1: Screening

This is where they check if you are a fit to provide the feedback. For instance, if you have no idea about gaming, they certainly won't give you a website which is all about gaming.

Step 2: Testing

If you have cleared the screening, you will be given a link from where you can do the test. You are required to install a tiny software on your computer, to record computer screen and Audio. So, yes, you need a microphone to record you feedback. They will provide you instructions on which area of website needs to be tested. So you are not lost in the wild figuring out what to do.

Step 3: Getting Paid

Yeah.. the fun part.. Getting paid. Now, if you have followed all the instructions, usertesting.com will pay you $10 through Paypal.


  • You don't need any technical knowledge. Mostly websites and sometimes mobile applications to be tested.
  • You get the tests only if you are eligible for it.
  • Requires you to records your computer screen and your voice. (if you are too shy, please check our second method.
  • Requires you to install a tiny software which will record screen.
  • Testing time would be around 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Usertesting.com will pay $10 through Paypal account.

2) utest.com

Utest.com has a similar approach to usertesting.com but the payout range varies from $9 to $300 and above depending on the project.

Create an account from https://www.utest.com/signup/personal

All the steps are similar to usertesting.com but what is different here is that you don't have to record your voice. You will have to take screenshot and show how to navigate and replicate the situation which involves your feedback.

Example: If you are testing website and your feedback is related to some issues- let us say that when you click on a link you are not getting redirected. 

First you will take a screenshot of the screen where you face the issue. Next you will provide details on how to reach that location. For instance " Home page, Second paragraph, 3rd line"

This is good for you if you are shy in recording your voice as in usertesting.com. Also if you are exceptional in providing the feedback, some of the projects will have bonus, extra money $$$$.


  • You don't need to record your voice.
  • You have to provide documentation with screenshot and navigation details.
  • Pay is good but might need some technical knowledge for few of the project but not for all.
  • There is no time limit. It depends on how many issues you find out. could be less, could be more.
  • Bonus available for exceptional work for some projects

Bonus for reading till the end, userfeel.com is another trusted source where you can earn by providing your feedback, very similar and easy as usertesting.com. You don't have pay anything to be a tester so these are worth trying. If you don't think this is something you can do, have a look at other options here.

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