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extra money on the side part 3

How to make extra money on the side – Part 3

We will assume that you have read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. If you have, do so now.

Okay, before we proceed, let us tell you that we recommend this option for anyone who is willing to have a passive income created which can earn money on the side even when you are asleep. It is definitely not a quick method but for sure is an effective method to make the extra money on the side.

3) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing

If you ever wondered how people make money by making youtube videos and writing blogs, you are in the right place my friend. You will know they make money so easily.

Most of the people think that they make money with Ads, it true but thats not where most of the money comes from. The secret is "Affiliate Marketing". 

What is Affiliate marketing? How is it a reason for earning such money?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commissions by promoting products owned by other people/company. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

Believe me, it is not a get rich scheme, where you earn thousands of dollars in a week by enrolling to a program. It involves hard work and skills to succeed.

Well, now you know that Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commission by referring the products to other (yes, you get commission only if they buy), here are the Important questions to ask:

Which product will you recommend?

Selection of niche among hundreds / thousands of niches available in the market. How will you select?

To whom will you recommend the product?

Who are the audience, how will you know if they are interested in buying the product?

How will you reach the audience?

How will you recommend the product to them, do you have a website, where you will promote the products? Do you have mailing list where you can send your recommendation? How do you track the purchases? Do you have a youtube channel to promote the products?

Assuming you will create a new website/youtube channel.

How will you rank top in the google search / youtube search? Do you know SEO tricks?

There are many more challenges, I am not here to scare you away from Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a sure way to earn easy money compared to other online options. But my point is that you lack the guidance to succeed.

If you are not satisfied with 1st two methods and if you are really keen in earning money like those youtubers, you gotta spend some more time reading the article in this website to learn more about Affiliate marketing

Yes, it is annoying for sure, but trust me, this will be life changing for you. Read our Step by Step guide to earn money using affiliate marketing.