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Everything you were taught about making money online is wrong.

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Everything a human does has some reasons, certainly there is a reason behind creating this website. Know why we are doing this.

Don't Struggle, Get help!

All the things we write here, share here are something that we all can relate to. Every one of us have gone through or going through tough times, be it in your personal life or professional life and sometimes it is not easy to overcome the challenges all by our-self.

Gone are those days, when our friends and the ones close to us recognize whats wrong with us and try to help us even before we ask, everyone is running their own race and have little time to help others. And definitely gone are those days where we seek help regarding our lives to a person, we think our problem might look silly to others, what if they make fun of us? will they take advantage of me if i disclose my problems?

Our one stop solution provider

Now, whenever we have issues in our life, we turn to "Google" or any other search engines to see if we can find a solution.

Often times than not, we are seen as a customer to whom a product can be sold. We say we have issue with our confidence, the solution we get is " Join this course and it will make you confident, just say $100, within 30 days you will be confident ", Yeah they don't pitch this initially, but eventually they will pitch their program and get you enrolled.

You have financial issues? then we find solutions like "earn $10k a month without an investment!" honestly we have so many people waiting for us, they wait for the opportunity to exploit us. All they need is just money.

What happens after a while, we lose trust and decide to keep things to ourselves and struggle. DONT STRUGGLE, GET HELP! You don't have to struggle, all you have to do it seek help here. We are not experts at everything, but will will definitely bring you solutions to your problems. We will be with you no matter what happens.

This will be appreciated only by the people who have gone through some difficult times lonely without anyone help and by people who look to help others without expecting anything in return.


  • Everyone is running their own race, no time to give us time to help with our problems.
  • We shy away and take support from internet. We end up getting exploited and sold yet another product.
  • This is for like minded people who are interested in helping other without expecting anything in return.