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extra money on the side part 3

How to make extra money on the side – Part 3

We will assume that you have read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. If you have, do so now.

Okay, before we proceed, let us tell you that we recommend this option for anyone who is willing to have a passive income created which can earn money on the side even when you are asleep. It is definitely not a quick method but for sure is an effective method to make the extra money on the side.

3) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing

If you ever wondered how people make money by making youtube videos and writing blogs, you are in the right place my friend. You will know they make money so easily.

Most of the people think that they make money with Ads, it true but thats not where most of the money comes from. The secret is "Affiliate Marketing". 

What is Affiliate marketing? How is it a reason for earning such money?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commissions by promoting products owned by other people/company. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

Believe me, it is not a get rich scheme, where you earn thousands of dollars in a week by enrolling to a program. It involves hard work and skills to succeed.

Well, now you know that Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commission by referring the products to other (yes, you get commission only if they buy), here are the Important questions to ask:

Which product will you recommend?

Selection of niche among hundreds / thousands of niches available in the market. How will you select?

To whom will you recommend the product?

Who are the audience, how will you know if they are interested in buying the product?

How will you reach the audience?

How will you recommend the product to them, do you have a website, where you will promote the products? Do you have mailing list where you can send your recommendation? How do you track the purchases? Do you have a youtube channel to promote the products?

Assuming you will create a new website/youtube channel.

How will you rank top in the google search / youtube search? Do you know SEO tricks?

There are many more challenges, I am not here to scare you away from Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a sure way to earn easy money compared to other online options. But my point is that you lack the guidance to succeed.

If you are not satisfied with 1st two methods and if you are really keen in earning money like those youtubers, you gotta spend some more time reading the article in this website to learn more about Affiliate marketing

Yes, it is annoying for sure, but trust me, this will be life changing for you. Read our Step by Step guide to earn money using affiliate marketing.


learn affiliate marketing for free

How to learn Affiliate marketing online for Free

How to Learn Affiliate marketing online for free is a commendable question to ask, because there are many people who claim to teach you this, but not for free. You have come to the right place, after completing this article you will have a complete understanding on the things you need to learn affiliate marketing online for free with tools you need to succeed.



What is a niche?

A niche is a diverse segment of a market, in other words an “Audience”. While choosing a niche, you should choose something that interests you or something you would like to learn about. You don’t have to be an expert at this point in time, you will become an expert as you go on.

Probably this is the phase where you will have to spend much of your time, because

You will be writing content about your niche.
You will be communicating within your niche.
You will be Choosing products to promote within you niche.
You are going to help people within you niche.


You have selected a niche, now you need learn how to find out affiliate programs related to you niche. Let us take an example of Lucid Dreaming as a niche. Lucid Dreaming is a hot topic currently and it is fun because you get to create your own dreams and experience it.

lucid dreaming

You may use clickbank.com to explore the available affiliate programs. Typically, you will select a program based on the commission you are offered. Clicking on promote option will get you a link, this is the link you will used to sell / refer the products, when someone purchases it from the link you shared you get the commission.


Sounds hard, but trust me you can create a website for free and within 30 seconds. Yes, creating content will take time. But first step is to create an appealing website. Consider it as a shop where you will be selling products.

Remember, a shop with no products, a shop full of products but no customer is same. Similarly, a website without content and a website with full of content but no visitors is also of waste.


You have a website and have content but there are no visitors, you search in google about your content, in our example it is about Lucid Dreaming, you are not listed in google results. SEO is the key.

The key to getting your website listed in google search is to write content rich of keywords. If you are using WordPress to create your website, you can use plugins like YOAST SEO plugins.

Now choosing right keyword for you content is also challenging task, but there are tools you can use. Use Google search autofill suggestions to form your keyword or use tools like Jaaxy to find out which keyword can help you rank top in google search. Jaaxy is the industry's only keyword and research platform that was developed by affiliate marketers FOR affiliate marketers.

Idea is to use low competition keywords and write the content in your website.


Now you have a shop with good products, how find the audience. Search for them in social media and promote your products and websites. You can use google ads to reach targeted audience if you are really impatient about reaching your audience.


If you feel this information is overwhelming, you will be proved wrong. Definitely learning all these on your own will take some time. But you can!

You can learn basics of Affiliate marketing for free and start earning money while you are asleep.

If you are interested in learning affiliate marketing, I would like to offer my personal invitation to join the private community for FREE.

Click on >> this link << to accept MY PRIVATE invitation for YOU

All the very best for your success!

makie extra money on the side

How to make extra money on the side – Part 2

This is continuation of our part 1, if you haven't already read it, read it now. In this article we will explore how to make extra money on the side using the second method.

Link for related articles:

2) Offering your skills as service

You might or might not have heard the following quote.

“If you’re good at something, never do it for free.”

Every individual is blessed with some skill or other. Now your task is to find out what you are good at, once you have the answer, it is very easy to monetize your skills, thanks to internet. We have connection to billions of people and guess what there are many out there who are looking to outsource the job to skillful people like you. In short, it is called as Freelancing.  

What kind of skills are paid and why would anyone pay for such skills


Pretty much everything.

Are you good at managing and organizing your things? you can be a virtual assistant. 

Are you good are designing? well, buyers will pay you for creating logos, webdesigns, art and things like that. 

Are you good at writing? well, buyers will pay you for writing articles, letters, emails or any kind of text the customers wants to offload.

Are you good at Advising? Well, buyers will pay you for you advice and they can very well pay you.

For many, time is money, they would like to offload work like these to someone who can do it for some money.

1) Fiverr

It is one of the worlds largest market place for digital services. People who want to offload their task come looking for the relevant skill sets in fiverr.com, they choose the seller they like and get things done. So here is how it works.

Both, Seller and Buyer should have an account created in fiverr.com. Seller publishes his / her skillet or services offerings with the price starting from a minimum of $5 : hence the name Fiverr. You set the scope of work.

Buyer is provided with all the options and flexibility to choose from many sellers. Buyer selects your service and the work starts. 

Once you complete the work and handover to the buyer, fiverr takes their commission and will pay you 80% of total amount. If you charge $10 for the service, you will receive $8 at the end of the project. Yes, fiver takes 20% commission.

Earning potential is less because there is way too much competition, for you to be successful you will end up providing you services for a very cheaper wage till you get a good rating. But good for small services provided over and over again.


  • Minimum of $5 for each work.
  • 20% commission to Fiverr.
  • You set the Scope of work.
  • Earning potential is less, due to competition.
  • Good for small services provided over and over again.


Upwork is similar to fiverr but it is not. These two are different due to the reason listed below.

It is similar because, you offer your services and client pay you for the service, you get paid through paypal etc, and yeah 20% commission to Upwork.

It is different because, Client sets the Scope of work and you have to bid for the work. So your earning potential increases significantly and if you are good at what you are doing, you might have a long time relationship and hence can make extra money on the side.


  • Client sets the Scope of work.
  • You will have to bid to win the order
  • 20% commission to Upwork
  • Earning potential is higher as you might even secure a long term project.

In either cases, you have opportunities to make some extra money on the side but the competition is so huge. We recommend the method listed in our next article, which is part 3 of this series. Read "How to make extra money on the side - Part 3"

How to make extra money on the side

You have got internet, you have got the desire to earn money but don't know - How to make extra money on the side. We share with you 3 simple and tested ways to make extra money using the internet.

Before we share with you the 3 methods we tested personally, you must know this, do not expect to get rich in day or week or even months. Do not expect to get rich without having put the efforts required. Do not expect to reap before you have sown the seeds.

Top 3 easiest and legit ways to make money online:

  1. Offering feedback.
  2. Offering your skills as a service.
  3. Affiliate Marketing (We recommend this)

Because we will be covering each item in depth, covering all 3 in one article would make this unreadable and perhaps would be a waste of time. Hence, 3 separate articles. You are currently reading Part 1 of "How to make extra money on the side". Read Part 2 and Part 3  by following the links below.

1) Offering feedback.

Yes, we meant what we just said. Companies will pay you for your time and valuable feedback. You don't need to have any kind of technical knowledge in most of the cases. You will be providing your feedback as a normal end user.

  • 1st approach doesn't need any technical skills, has a guaranteed payout of $10 for successfully following instructions.
  • 2nd approach might require technical knowledge for a good pay. So, it has a pay ranging from $9 to above $300, obviously depending on the software complexity.


You start a new company. Now for you to reach people and people to reach you from around the globe, you create a website. People think in different ways, what looks good to us might not necessarily impress others. So, you decide to let few of the people use your website and ask for feedback. You work on the feedback and your website looks good.

Now, there is a limitation on how many people you might reach to get feedback and to organize the feedback is another tedious task.

So you go to a company called usertesting.com and ask them to send your website to your target audience. For instance, if you are selling games, your target users will be the users who spend certain time playing games everyday. This way, you don't get feedback from people who don't understand your product. So you get the valuable feedback and pay for them in return. Sounds good?

Back to our discussion

So yeah, in short it works, trust us. Big companies want to know the feedback on their website / software before going live. Guess what, you could be the one giving your feedback for the time you spend providing it and get paid for it.

1. Usertesting.com

As discussed earlier, this method doesn't require any technical knowledge and most of the time is just about testing website and sometime mobile applications. The testing process consist of the following.

Create a tester user account from https://www.usertesting.com/be-a-user-tester. You will be notified about available tests via email.

Step 1: Screening

This is where they check if you are a fit to provide the feedback. For instance, if you have no idea about gaming, they certainly won't give you a website which is all about gaming.

Step 2: Testing

If you have cleared the screening, you will be given a link from where you can do the test. You are required to install a tiny software on your computer, to record computer screen and Audio. So, yes, you need a microphone to record you feedback. They will provide you instructions on which area of website needs to be tested. So you are not lost in the wild figuring out what to do.

Step 3: Getting Paid

Yeah.. the fun part.. Getting paid. Now, if you have followed all the instructions, usertesting.com will pay you $10 through Paypal.


  • You don't need any technical knowledge. Mostly websites and sometimes mobile applications to be tested.
  • You get the tests only if you are eligible for it.
  • Requires you to records your computer screen and your voice. (if you are too shy, please check our second method.
  • Requires you to install a tiny software which will record screen.
  • Testing time would be around 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Usertesting.com will pay $10 through Paypal account.

2) utest.com

Utest.com has a similar approach to usertesting.com but the payout range varies from $9 to $300 and above depending on the project.

Create an account from https://www.utest.com/signup/personal

All the steps are similar to usertesting.com but what is different here is that you don't have to record your voice. You will have to take screenshot and show how to navigate and replicate the situation which involves your feedback.

Example: If you are testing website and your feedback is related to some issues- let us say that when you click on a link you are not getting redirected. 

First you will take a screenshot of the screen where you face the issue. Next you will provide details on how to reach that location. For instance " Home page, Second paragraph, 3rd line"

This is good for you if you are shy in recording your voice as in usertesting.com. Also if you are exceptional in providing the feedback, some of the projects will have bonus, extra money $$$$.


  • You don't need to record your voice.
  • You have to provide documentation with screenshot and navigation details.
  • Pay is good but might need some technical knowledge for few of the project but not for all.
  • There is no time limit. It depends on how many issues you find out. could be less, could be more.
  • Bonus available for exceptional work for some projects

Bonus for reading till the end, userfeel.com is another trusted source where you can earn by providing your feedback, very similar and easy as usertesting.com. You don't have pay anything to be a tester so these are worth trying. If you don't think this is something you can do, have a look at other options here.

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